Referral Scheme

There is a national shortage of Foster Carers therefore Next Stage for Fostering need more Foster Carers to join us. If you know someone through your personal or professional network who has the space, time and energy to make a great foster carer, recommend them to us and you will receive a £1050 tax free payment.  A payment of £50 will be made following a Next Stage for Fostering Social Worker undertaking a home visit to the applicants home and making a decision to put them into assessment.  A further £1000 will be paid once the applicants have been approved as Foster Carers.

How to Refer

It is important that we help potential Foster Carers to apply and that they enjoy a positive joining experience, so please follow the steps below:

  • Confirm with your friend/colleague that they are happy for you to pass on their details.
  • Read the Terms & Conditions.
  • Complete the form below to submit a referral.

When Will I Receive Payment?

£50 tax free payment following a Next Stage for Fostering Social Worker undertaking an initial visit to the potential Foster Carers home and a decision being made to put the applicants into an assessment.   NB:  The home visit and assessment decision usually takes around 2 weeks.

A further £1000 tax free payment when the applicants have been approved by the agency.  NB:  The assessment process can take between 4 to 6 months.


In line with confidentiality the only feedback provided to the referring staff member will be if the potential Foster Carer has been put into an assessment or not and if the potential Foster Carer has been approved or not.

Reasons why potential Foster Carers are not put into assessment or approved will NOT be given to the referring staff member.

Terms & Conditions

This scheme is only open to Next Stage Group employees from one of the following companies:

  • Next Stage A Way Forward
  • Next Stage 4life
  • Next Stage A Way Forward Youth Development
  • Next Stage for Fostering

Referrals must be submitted at the beginning of the recruitment process, prior to any telephone conversations and initial visits being arranged with the potential Foster Carers.

You may not claim for anyone who applied directly to Next Stage prior to your referral.

You may not claim for anyone who was introduced by a Recruitment Agency prior to your referral.

Where the same potential Foster Carer is introduced by more than one person, the first staff member to submit the referral will qualify for a reward payment.

The current scheme is effective as of 01/04/2017.

This scheme is non-contractual and discretionary.

In the event of any disputed payments, following all reasonable checks, the decision of the company will be final.

Anyone who is currently employed or contracted to Next Stage can recommend a person for a role, except in the following circumstances:

  • You are a Director or part of the Management Team of the business
  • You are currently serving your notice period and/or will have left Next Stage when the payment is due (permanent staff only).