I would love to foster, but I wouldn’t like the child to leave us

Julie and Martin have been fostering for over 20 years in the Bolton area and their current foster child has been with them since 2012.

I get lots of people say to me “I would love to foster, but I couldn’t give them back”, you might only have them for a short time and no one is asking you to fall in love with them, you might love them if it becomes long term and if you do you will want the best for them.

Being an older couple means we are wiser and more knowledgeable to support children, it keeps us young, having a young person around the house.  Life experiences help you be less judgemental, and you can sympathise and empathise more with people.

We all inherit things without knowing what they are from your family, genetically, habits etc., fostering to some extent will tear some of those traits down, they may be behaviours that are unacceptable in the ordinary sense of the world, some things have at times felt slightly unpalatable for us that they share with you, but unfortunately, you have to deal with these and not walk away.

Next Stage is amazing, there isn’t an element of this child’s life that Next Stage isn’t going to be proactive in, even if connected to our extended family, we can involve our extended family for some events.  We know that our foster child will never be a number to Next Stage!

If you are thinking of Fostering, please contact us for an initial conversation so that we can advise you on the process in more detail.

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