How Does The Fostering Assessment Process Work

Diego and Yousef are new to Fostering, previously Diego was a Project Manager and volunteered at summer camps for children and young people. Yousef has been in education for over 20 years and currently a lecturer at a college. Diego and Yousef enjoy spending time together and are looking forward to sharing their lives and experiences with children and young people. One experience has been extensive travel, having visited 45 countries giving Yousef the opportunity to share various cultures with people. After being together for over 6 years they knew that they wanted children in their family. This is their story of the Assessment Process;

“The fostering assessment process was absolutely amazing!  Next Stage for Fostering really dig deep! The whole assessment process and how far Next Stage for Fostering go back in your life is quite intrusive at times but it is also really interesting as the assessment builds your historic narrative and it allows the Assessing Social Worker to get to know you holistically so they are able to write a comprehensive assessment on you. I really enjoyed the process and it has been a form of therapy.” – Yousef

 “Going through the process gives you the opportunity to pull everything you have experienced in your life together and assess and analyse the very important things. The journey is intense and sometimes exhausting but you are constantly supported, and Next Stage for Fostering make it as easy as possible for you.” – Diego

How the Fostering Assessment Process Works

Next Stage for Fostering like to keep things simple with our 3 step Assessment Process. Although there are only 3 steps this process usually takes 3-4 months. (Government timescales recommend 8 months).

Enquiry Stage

  • Initial Contact with the Agency – Phone conversation and information emailed to you.
  • Initial Home Visit – We will arrange a Social Worker to visit your home and find out more about you and your family. They will explain more about the fostering process and answer any questions you might have. We promise to give you the best advice on fostering and what might suit you and your family circumstances in order to help you decide if fostering and our fostering agency is right for you.
  • Apply to Foster – You are invited by the Agency to apply to foster by completing an application form.

Assessment Stage

  • An Assessing Social Worker will undertake a fostering assessment. An Assessing Social Worker will visit you and your household family members (if applicable) several times to gain information for the assessment.
  • Checks;
    • DBS’s of all household members over 18, Medical checks; Local Authority checks; social media, finance, overseas and SSAFA. All checks are paid for by the Agency.
    • References – References are undertaken for all voluntary and employment which has involved children or vulnerable adults as well as current employment check; schools or health visitors involved with your family; significant ex-partners and personal referees nominated by you.
    • Training – Skills to Foster – 2 Day Course
    • Online training – safeguarding.

Panel Stage

  • The assessment is completed on a CoramBAAF Form, which is often referred to as a Form F. The report will be agreed and signed off by the Assessing Social Worker and yourselves.
  • Independent Fostering Panel – You and your Assessing Social Worker will attend Fostering Panel were your Form F will be presented. The Panel will make a recommendation whether to approve.
  • Approval – The Agency Decision Maker receives the panel recommendation and makes a decision on your assessment. If successful, you are then an approved Foster Carer.

Following Approval

You are available to be matched with foster children/young people.

Following the ‘right’ match for both the child(ren) and your family, children are placed with you and you begin to make a tremendous difference to a child’s life!

At every step of your Fostering journey, Next Stage for Fostering will be there to guide and support you through the process.

If you have ever considered fostering a child or young person in need, contact the team on 01204 201203.

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