Transferring Fostering Agencies

I am already a Foster Carer, how do I transfer to Next Stage for Fostering?

Foster Carers have to ensure they foster for the Agency/Local Authority that is right for them.  Sometimes, Foster Carers and their family’s circumstances change or their fostering service is no longer the right fit for them.

All Foster Carers have the right to choose who they foster for and it is really easy to transfer if you so wish.

The first step is to notify your current agency or council in writing of your intention.

After your letter of intent, a meeting is likely to be arranged with your current agency or council Social Worker which Next Stage will support you with and attend. This meeting is to discuss the best interests of the child or young person and agree an action plan moving forwards.

Next Stage will start our assessment process and support you through panel after which being successful you will be able to provide 28 days resignation from your current agency or council and officially transfer over to Next Stage for Fostering.

Next Stage Fostering Wigan Family having fun at home.

Jeff and Jeanette have been fostering C and Ca for 12 years and transferred to Next Stage in 2017, this is their story in their own words:

The reason we began fostering was because I wanted to be at stay at home mum,  see my children grow up and not always be out at work, but there was no way I could just give up work and have no income to do that, our standard of living was such with three young children we needed two incomes, therefore for us, it was an obvious answer to foster. 

We think we can safely say that overall the fostering experience has been a positive influence for our family.  Our eldest child has now become a Foster Carer with his wife and our middle daughter now works with young people who are living in supported accommodation or solo placements when they have come from difficult or vulnerable backgrounds.

We transferred from the previous agency because they were bought out virtually overnight became more impersonal and more corporate in their approach.  We felt we no longer mattered, and the lack of support became obvious in a situation where, when we needed them the most, we felt there was no support, rather, they gave us directives but what we needed most, was assistance.

Next Stage for Fostering are not as corporate as our previous agency and make you feel more like an individual rather than a number that has filled a bed.  We know all the team and enjoy working alongside them.  We know we are important to them and they always ask for our feedback and knowing they take our views into account matters to us, it is not just a case of another form completed so another box ticked.

Overall our experience of fostering has been very rewarding, and the children are as much a part of our family as our birth children and we would recommend fostering to anyone who has a spare bedroom and feel they have the capacity to love a child, at times it has been a roller coaster but we would not change a thing about our lives now.

If you are thinking of transferring, please contact us for a confidential conversation so that we can advise you on the process in more detail.

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