Fostering in Chorley

Are you interested in fostering in Chorley but don’t know how to get involved? Next Stage Fostering is a fostering agency designed to help people like you make a real difference in Chorley.

We’re passionate about helping young people who can’t currently live with their own families find stable, encouraging homes. There are still children in and around Chorley that are missing the love and care they need to grow into confident adults.

Why Chorley?

Chorley is situated in between Bolton and Preston. Famous for its Chorley cakes and playing an important role during the Second World War when it was home to the Royal Ordnance Factory, one of the many munitions sites at that time. Modern-day sees the largest Mormon church in Europe acting as a local landmark as well as Rivington Pike which was built as a series of beacons spanning England as an early warning system for Scottish raids in the 1100s and in Elizabethan England to warn of the approaching Spanish Armada.

Currently, there are over 650 children in Lancashire within foster care and according to The Fostering Network a further 8,600 more foster families are urgently needed in the UK with the North West of England requiring the most. There’s a particular need for families that can take in brothers and sisters, teenagers, and children with learning disabilities.

That’s why we need incredible people like you that can make a difference.

What types of fostering placements are available in Chorley?

We work with local authorities to offer a range of placement types for potential foster carers in and around Chorley. They include:

  • Short-term foster care — Anything from an overnight stay to a few months.
  • Long-term foster care — Taking care of a child until they are 18 or over.
  • Emergency foster care — Taking in a child who can’t be looked after their family for the time being due to an unforeseen issue.
  • Short breaks for disabled children — A specialised scheme that enables disabled children to enjoy short breaks with foster families.
  • Support care — Foster carers offer families support by providing part-time care to children.

The benefits of fostering in Chorley

When you foster a child, your contribution to improving the quality of their life is recognised and rewarded. Foster Carers in Chorley can be given an allowance of £310 to £510 depending on their previous experiences and the needs of the child they foster.

What experience and qualifications are required?

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to pass a rigorous exam to become a Foster Carer. You can be married or single, in a same-sex relationship, young or old, homeowner or tenant: all are welcome.

We believe that Foster Carers are not qualified by a list of achievements but by the patience and love that they can provide for their foster child. You don’t need qualifications, as you will be given plenty of training and loads of support. What you do need is a spare bedroom and the commitment to provide a stable environment for children who are desperate for a real home. We are a dedicated fostering agency that offers a very personal service and supports new and existing carers every step of the way.

If you would like to find out more detailed information on fostering please visit our website

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