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We provide children and young people with exceptionally well matched foster homes catering for each individual child/young person.

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Children & Young People

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Please click below to read our Children’s & Young People Guides. You will also have been given your own copy of this guide along with your “Welcome Box”. If you do not understand anything in your guide just ask your Foster Carer.

Next Stage for Fostering

How Fostering Changed My life

This young person came into care aged 15 severely neglected. Next Stage was able to match her with new Foster Carers who provided a loving home, which resulted in the young person achieving the best CLA GCSE results in Warrington and also recognised by the Mayor of Bolton for her volunteering services at a local youth club.

My Foster Carers by C aged 17

“We’ve been living with Alix and Lisa for two years now and throughout those two years, we’ve never been treated different just because we aren’t biologically their children.

From the very first day, we’ve been allowed to be ourselves. We’ve been accepted for who we are and what we like or don’t like.  To Lisa and Alix it doesn’t matter that we aren’t biologically theirs because we’re still their children and they are still our parents. They have showed nothing but love and care towards me and my younger siblings and I couldn’t be more thankful for everything they’ve done for us.

They’ve pushed us to be the best people we can be and have encouraged us to try our hardest in everything we do. When I was completing my GCSE’s, both Alix and Lisa went out of their way to reduce my stress by getting me calming music to listen to and giving me a quiet place to revise, which they also helped with by downloading me past papers and different revision tools. 

Both are like extra mum’s to us. Alix makes sure we’ve done everything we need to do to be prepared for the next day and constantly makes us laugh with her jokes or ‘old people sayings’. Lisa will always bring us wherever we need to go no matter where or what time it is and let’s me have little girly chats with her about whatever is going on at college.

Alix and Lisa have made us feel part of the family by just simply accepting us as theirs”.

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